Who is holier — Russia or Europe

Alexander Baunov, Slon.ru (slon.ru)


The general theme of 1025th anniversary of the Baptism of Russia, Patriarch Kirill, seems to have chosen our difference from Europe on the issue of gay marriage and all. In the words of the patriarch — «everything must be done to prevent the approval of sin on the spaces of Holy Russia,» — but contains a knowingly false statement, which makes the whole argument void. Russia no one has yet canonized. Christianity in general does not know the practice of canonization of entire countries and peoples. If all of a sudden (which, incidentally, is unthinkable), and this practice has arisen — Russ just would not be the first place on the list. And most importantly, Russia is unlikely to be passed at any honest commission on canonization — because of the extreme prevalence of all other sins, except, perhaps, the gay marriages.

In fact who and when Russia announced a saint? Where acts in this respect some of the ecumenical council? Yes though and landed. Where at least partial views of the Church Fathers? Enjoying a history of usage, and see: and that Russia itself so named. Through the words of patriotic orators and writers of the Middle Ages modern times. Excellent because the path to holiness tomorrow call myself a saint, and come learn all I usually describe. The self-styled holy — a worthy role for the Christian.

Of the foreigners same term used by working in Russia, Maxim the Greek, but it was accused of heresy here and spying on the Turkish sultan. Canonized in the restructuring.

An example to all

You can certainly say that the Holy Russia — it’s because she wants to be a saint. That being said, the German philosophers — not a given, and assignments. Or, as another said Vladimir Solovyov, England willingly call himself an «old» Germany — «scientific», France — «beautiful», Spain — «noble», and Russia — the «holy.» In general, gishpanskim language — with God, French — with friends, German — with the enemy, Italian terracotta — with women speak well. But with God, answer us now well only in Russian. Gishpanskogo carriers and other forgotten what a truly Christian values, and we have them all here for one stand for. Although for the person who wants to be a saint, to declare: «Break it up, I’m certainly a sinner, but among all of you is still the most sinless» — a somewhat strange way of thinking.

Again, go through the commandments. According to the «thou shalt not kill», we — in ninth place in the world to end, that is in the top ten on the «kill» — is if you take the total number. And if — per capita, of course, better, but still — behind any European country, which is mired in gay marriages. This is not counting abortion and suicide , for which we are the first and tenth in the world respectively, again ahead mired Europe. About «Do not steal» — we’re all aware, although the index of perception of corruption and subjective, but we take no index that is bad. About the «do not covet a donkey and an ox of his neighbor» — that’s us in third place in the world by hijacking when cargo is counted as an ox, and cars — for a donkey. Divorce, we too early , but there’s not a statistics result is not necessary, all eclipsed the president. However, this seems to be the best thing he has done over the last year. About «Remember the Sabbath day» — we are more or less regularly remember 5% of the population, and in Europe spiritless — about 15 %. Here because it is difficult to visually compare: we have one in the church liturgy of the day, well, in another aisle, and there — the conveyor. With the «love thy neighbor as thyself,» or at least do not do to others what you would not want done to you — this we already know, as we have situation: how to love each other on the road , for example .

If the sanctity of holy Russia is that the secular authorities of homosexuals in the registrar does not register, then a lot of holiness because, apart from us contenders: Uganda holy, holy, Ghana, Cameroon holy, holy Reverend Egypt. Countries and peoples defending in this way truly Christian values, the darkness: such a crush can begin.

Himself carved

Where did this self-styled claim? First — XV century, when suddenly we were the only Christian country not occupied by the Mohammedans. That is, until we were engaged by them, but by the time occupied the other, already partially cleared. They have failed, and we are their God is punishing, and we do not have — so holy. Catholics in general are not considered, these god punished long ago, that in general it is not clear why live baptized, get married all the same, because not escape. So they do not count. So you and now in any parish in Holy Russia explain, and in the XV century — and even more so.

Second, what keeps this claim — is on the suffering, the blood of martyrs. On the Russian, so to speak, Calvary, of course, took place. Only once has a Russian Calvary, there are also Russian Judas, Pilate and Russian, and Russian warriors bichevateli and Russian priests and the Sanhedrin domestic court, and domestic crowd, shouting, «Crucify him!» As for the crowd — even a lot of photos survived. It is clear that here and Trotsky Latvian riflemen, but on such a scale, and if the whole of Latvia polls put under the gun — not enough.

In general, the Holy Russia — this is such Aphrodite of Milos, which itself carved from a piece of marble, and then myself and a hand cut off.

That is, we are holy because well torment themselves. Until 1917, all solemnly informed that we live in a holy Russia with God’s people, evenly distributed throughout the territory. And then all of a sudden a large part of God’s people demolish temples and shoot priests. Of course, the divine plan for our holiness can manifest itself in everything, including in pain. But then he and the gay marriages can occur. God also said to Isaiah: «For my thoughts are not your thoughts.» And we think: Our whose else. What we have, are and God must be, otherwise, why would we need such a God?

If you look at which countries have expressed a claim to a particular spirituality, it is usually the ones that podotstal from their environment economically and in general — on the part of, say, the dignity of the citizen, of any of its rights and freedoms. Now it is, for example, apart from us, Iran, and of the whole Islamic world. A 100-150 years ago in Europe, Germany has lagged behind rivals England and France, and there was talk: these — cold Gallic mind, English mercantilism, the service the golden calf in the factories, and we have — pure Germanic spirit, healthy peasant, Magic Horn and philosophy. The philosophy of the music really worked out, but the rest had to suffer for a long time.

Europe as a church: Christianity spilled

And now we say, their whole Europe — degenerate and spiritless, because we are full of temples, not force, to the people of St. Andrew’s cross from the Crimean bridge stands, and there is a void in the temples. And we have a long service life, and there are short, we have to stand and sit there neasketicheski. In general, clean, but bezduhovnenko.

Only then sought Christ — so that people know the Orthodox prayer book, or to refer to each other on a human — have seen him in the other, it is the image of God? Christian civilization — this is when many churches packed with people, or when people do not do to another what you do not wish for yourself?

In Tarkovsky «Rublev» — competitor Rublev icon painter Cyril, first, offended, left, and then returned to the monastery. «It is bad — he says — in the world.» Well, maybe the church, then we are full, because the world is bad. Outside — anger, betrayal, the darkness, the darkness, the horde. And inside — gold, candles, books, music, the faces of the righteous. Cross again. And even people sometimes dobreyut.

Churches in Europe are empty, maybe not because of the people there is nothing sacred, but because they do not have to run into them to escape from the world. Holy, Christian they are evenly poured, sprinkled throughout their civilization was impregnated them all. Europe now — it spilled all over the world living, dissolved in the life of Christianity. Gospel values ​​stitched legal and consumer culture. Europe, in fact, now — the whole church is.

Take an extreme case — with Breivik. Yes, Norwegian churches are empty, empty of other European and nit Breivik sits in a two-chamber with a TV and exercise equipment, reads books. So it is only a holy society, country church can put his killer into the camera with the simulator. In this, more spiritual, he would have sat down, so that would be regretted that he died. And the most spiritual of us, of course, demanded that he be immediately publicly executed. In countries where the people in the churches every Friday more than we do at Easter and executed a long time ago. Only in the United States 20 years civilized poizvodili to appeals. And these — as in ’21 with the simulator.

Not because after all, that the Norwegians do not feel that Breivik did evil. And because they feel that it is not necessary to respond to evil with evil. Well this is what you have to pass austerity. Walking through the German forests, said that strangers come together on the path to each other hello. And we pass by, eyes averted to the side: you do not see, I — you, that’s disguised. And think to yourself: «Is not a maniac?» So where Christianity is that? But as I travel to European countries, I read in different languages, have never met expression Sancta Norvegia, or Sancta Italia, or Agia Ellada.

I know what will take place after the initial selection of the general resurrection of the dead. Everyone will go to heaven in an elevator with a personal angel. And who, having entered the elevator, says hello, he will go further in life to come. And who is not — will remain in outer darkness. My friends, at least say hello in the elevator. Suddenly, you are dead, and it’s next to you your angel.


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